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Welcome to Agony.

Hello and welcome to our humble site.

Winner of the most Emo guildname on Nazjatar, beating out long time champion Torment.

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Tired of too, Here is my game plan to fix it.

Blacksehiro, Jul 8, 10 11:06 PM.

Stagnation… a good word to describe our guild progress over the last couple of weeks…months. I apologize I have not been putting in the time to merit the position, but shit is about to change starting as of now. So that we can rise to our full potential as a guild, and here is how. Now this is just an overview you still need to read all the other articles for details.

1.      First and foremost we will be correcting the attendance issues that have been plaguing us since creation. 80% attendence is required if you do not meet this standard you can lose loot, or be kicked.

2.      Raids were on avg 30 min late on starting…no more. Everyone is expected to show up and be at icc or the chosen instance 15min before startup ready to start pulling, whenever your raid lead gives the green light, with flasks (if 10man) and plenty of gold to go through the wipes we will end up having for progression.

3.      We have people who apparently think they deserve to be dragged through this shit…WRONG! Officers have already logged who is missing gems and enchants and we will be approaching you. You have one week to fix it Or your GONE! If guild mats are available ask our guild enchanters and they will get it for you. As well as any of our jcers but if this is unavailable, it is up to you to fix it. No excuses.

4.      People failing at mechanics, holding back progression for everyone else in the raid. That is no longer tolerated. Now to clarify if your new, don’t let this discourage you. We will be helping anyone who is willing and able. As long as we see effort on your part you wont face any gkicks or demotions. In response to raid mechanic fails you will be setup with a personal trainer of your class or someone who knows it. You will then be working with them for a week. After that week you will be reevaluated. For more details see training article.

5.      Initiates that fail from the start. They are all gone, and we will be instituting a strict testing program to keep the guild free of fail. They will be tested every Monday for ability to join as a raider. If not up to cut they will retest every week with their trainer and such till they get there. This is not to be elitist but to promote better cohesion and understanding in raids, we know not everyone has been playing since beta and are willing to help the willing. For more info look at recruiting method article.

6.      People just not playing nicely in the sandbox, elitist attitudes, loot whores, and stupid shit will all be subject to the new rules being implemented. I more then anyone understand that the game is supposed to be fun, but I also believe that it needs to be for everyone, this also doesn’t mean that you have to be PG all the time either (which youll find out pretty quickly if you talk to the right people.) These rules are to be known and memorized (enough to know how not to break them) Ignorance or “I didn’t know…” Will not give any mercy. Know it for info see rules article. 


7.      Also heads up for the new raid system currently in development for the full story look at the new loot rules section, It is 10x better for our purposes then the last one, and I know you will all come to enjoy it.

Now this may sound ridiculous to some, but this is the way we are going to progress and get ready for Cataclysm. It has been a pleasure leading you from Nax to this point, but now we need a bit more, and these reforms will push us to our full potential. The goals for this guild are simple. Be the best we can be in Cataclysm, and make our name known on this shitty server, and show them progression the likes of which has yet to be seen. If not up to the challenge youll find out real quick that I am not going to tolerate it, and a gkick will be in your near future. If however, you are all as good as I think you are, I look forward to raiding and progressing with you into the Lich King’s Chamber and beyond.


Your Guild Leader,


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